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24th – 26th June 2019

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The Road to Consumer Driven Contracts testing for SOA and Microservices Architecture

75 minutes


Are you building a rich microservices deployment? If you are integrating your microservices into the rest of your microservices deployment then you experienced by now that classical approaches to testing systems End-to-End do not scale well for microservices due to environment complexity, slowness, and expensive setup. The other approach of mocking your dependent services provide you with no confidence while deploying.

If you relate to these problems you will find it interesting to learn how to practice the Consumer-Driven Contracts pattern for a lean way of testing your microservices with the Pact framework to ensure APIs don’t break when different teams deploy.

We’ll review the required DevOps related flows and dive to hands-on practical Consumer and Provider testing to demo how everything connects together for real life teams.

Audience background

Understanding the concept of testing and why it is important.

Benefits of participating

Individuals will be able to learn and build from my own experience on good and bad practices in implementing Consumer-Driven Contracts. How does it even work? they'll be able to introduce this to their teams at work or in their projects.

Materials provided

Workshop-style presentation and live hands-on demo of using Consumer-Driven Contracts in an end-to-end story from start to finish.


Presentation to introduce the topic
- Discuss bad practices, give examples
- Discuss good practices
- Discuss possible adoption model for agile teams that deliver quickly through CI/CD enablement
- Semi-workshop small exercises to build together the Consumer and Provider tests


An Open Source GitHub repository that walks through the entire exercise class step by step, with examples, and detailed README.


  1. Liran Tal