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24th – 26th June 2019

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Practice makes perfect

TDD katas to improve testing your domain logic

75 minutes


I've been running kata's sessions in my team and in interviews for a while and I believe they can be a very useful exercise to improve the understanding of test driven development. TDD is a very useful tool if implemented correctly but it can lead to frustration and unmaintainable test suits if not implemented correctly.
Understanding the domain, using a ubiquitous language, following the red/green/refactor approach are some of the pillars of a correct tdd implementation.
Katas allow developers to practice the core principles of TDD again and again, until we are confident to have a good grasp of these principles.
In this session we will go through one of these katas and we will learn together how to solve problems and how to approach them in the right way.

Session content:

- introduction to tdd katas, quick overview of best practices, explanation of the kata that will be explored during the session

- ideally group people and perform the kata in small groups

- review some of the results , answer questions

Audience background

developers with an interest in TDD

Benefits of participating

better understanding of TDD practices

Materials provided

no material is needed , I will provide slides and we will use http://agilekatas.co.uk to choose a kata to implement.


The session should start with a 15/20 minutes introduction and a presentation on the basic tdd principle we will use to solve the katas.
Ideally in the next 40 we should then split up in small groups and each group should try to solve the kata , I'll provide guidance and help.
The last 20 minutes can be used to review some of the implementations and Q&A.

Detailed timetable

00:00 - 00:15 introduction/presentation on TDD
00:15 - 00:55 katas exercise
00:55 - 01:15 review and Q&A


  1. orlando perri