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24th – 26th June 2019

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Session leader

Wim Heemskerk

Beyond Agile

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You hire me when you want your path to agility to be inviting and engaging for all involved. I believe in us, humans, and the great things we can accomplish. Therefore I help organisations multiply the value they create by embracing the full power of the people in and around them. I do this through facilitation, coaching, training, and mentoring.

I help management & development teams to be agile in their practices, with special attention to:
* the opportunities for management and leadership to be a driving force towards agility
* the opportunities to effectively include and unleash everyone in an organisation
You can do much better than hoping management will simply step aside and the chaos will be temporary!

My goal is lasting change, the kind people say they created themselves. I translate models to day to day actions. I inspire and encourage learning. I lead by example. I run and develop workshops and training (official Scrum.org trainings and beyond). I pair up with others to crack tough nuts together. I am certified as an Agile Master by the Agile Consortium, hold a degree in management, and have a background as a test-infected developer. You'll find me honest, transparent, passionate, and always ready for a fresh angle.

Twitter: @WimHeemskerk