BCS SPA Software in Practice

24th – 26th June 2019

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Session leader

Eoin Woods


Image of Eoin Woods

Eoin Woods has been working in software engineering of some sort since 1990. Today, Eoin is the CTO for Endava, the London headquartered, US listed, software engineering services company.

He has been a regular OT and SPA attendee since the late 1990s, has led sessions at many of the recent conferences in the series and has been a programme chair a couple of times too.

For those who were wondering, you pronounce Eoin's name "Owen". It's an Irish name (Eoin originally hailing from Northern Ireland). To find out more about Irish names, take a look at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/cultures/irish-faq/part09/.

Website: http://www.eoinwoods.info

Twitter: @eoinwoodz