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24th – 26th June 2019

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Birds of a feather

All about BOFs

What is a BOF?

"Birds of a Feather" sessions are meetings that you organise at the conference, about topics that you want to discuss.

Maybe you'd like to continue the discussion from a conference session, or introduce a new topic, or get people involved in your side project - this is your opportunity to get people together to do that.

How do I set up a BOF?

At the conference, put your topic up on the noticeboard. Anyone who's interested in coming along can add their name to the card. The organisers will assign rooms for the sessions based on the number of people who sign up.

How do I run a BOF?

Any way you like!

If there are a few participants, you might just have a chat. If there are more, you could start by outlining your thoughts or questions, and then let others contribute. Begin by clarifying the general topic, and a list of areas to deal with.

Some of you will be more familiar with organising meetings than others. If you need any help organising or running your BOF, the conference organisers will be very happy to help - ask any member of the conference committee.